A Photographer's Journey to Self Discovery
Life is a Visual Feast

We all have our own story to tell and perhaps this will be my creative space sharing my life's personal journey and convictions, thoughts and insights in-front and behind the lens, stories worth sharing.

Life has taught me well and I never thought I would end up doing what I am most passionate about-capturing life, it's beauty and authenticity. Everyday is a journey, a self discovery and continuously finding our place in this world. The purpose of why we live, why we love, and all the things that matter. I'm obsessed with the processes on how we think, how we engage and the need to be a remarkable craftman.

Photography was a love at first try, then became a self discovery. It allowed me to see what life has to offer-both the positives and the negatives and all about witnessing every story there is and learn from it along the way...embracing every moment.

I am so blessed waking up everyday doing what I love. Photography is a part me-the way I am, it's my passion and my calling. Life is a visual feast. Through these posts I hope it brings joy and inspiration to others.

Thought I'd share the person who inspires me the most....She made things possible in everything I do:) The love of my life:) I always believed in "reasons" not coincidence. People are brought to our lives for a reason and every reason we make choices; and in every choice there's a consequence may it be good or bad. Glad I made a choice...glad we made a choice. This is just the beginning of a greater adventure, our adventure. I will share this journey with you. Love you heaps Bubba:)

When it comes to great music we all have that nostalgia of our teenage years. To experience being with remarkable music legends is a photographer's dream. I was so blessed to witness this amazing day - a rehearsal of Jim Paredes with musical director Louie Ocampo. It truly felt like I was in a concert but here it's just me as the audience. I was fascinated seeing them share their ideas to create really good music. Being able to experience that, I thought it would be a great opportunity for others to see a glimpse of one awe-inspiring afternoon where two musical minds collided....so here is my little story

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Travelling has always been a favorite activity for me and my girlfriend, Nica. We both enjoy meeting different people and discovering new places. On my recent visit to my homeland in the Philippines last July, we managed to spend a couple of days exploring Siem Reap, Cambodia. From the Angkor Wat Temple, Angkor Thom Complex, to the Chong Kneas Village at Tonle Sap Lake, we were amazed by the many different attractions of history and culture. It was truly a visual feast! Thought I wanted to share our adventure with you. If you ever plan on going on a budget vacation around Asia, do consider Cambodia. Despite experiences of poverty and turmoil from the civil war, the people remain friendly, courteous and resilient. Enjoy!

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Few images from Cebu Philippines trip. Powerful images thought worth sharing with some personal insights.

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I am an old soul. Always love the thought and dreamt of being a portrait photographer living in the olden times. Portraiture is a conscious act between the portraitist and the subject. Today we live in a fast world and everything becomes a blur. It happens in photo-shoot session these days driven by monetary means and time constraints and sometimes we forget why we do photography in the first place. It is always a luxury to be able to take the time to know your subject and being able to break the walls that separates you, it what makes a photograph. Embracing the opportunity to witness the beauty of one’s true character.

Perhaps this is one of my favourite portrait session, re-learning myself how to capture moments as it unfolds without having to make judgement base on technicalities in photography. Truly an authentic moment capturing Adelie’s amazing beauty and loving her honesty. These images reminds me of how blessed I am of my calling as a Portrait Photographer and being able to stop time and crystalize a moment. It was such a wonderful and pleasant winter afternoon - A beautiful portrait of Adelie.

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Sydney is perhaps one of the best places on earth. It is filled with so much amazing views and changes throughout the seasons. As a photographer it is like a visual feast-you continuously discover different characters of the city of Sydney.

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If anyone needs a remarkable stylist Josh Heath is the person you need. Did a location shoot in Sydney around Surry Hills and it was one of those hour of the day that you wish you didn't schedule yet it became one of the best light ever. Mixing it up with One Studio Lighting Setup with Ambience Light. Thought this image is a classic.

I have a deep fascination in the lives of artists-how they think, how they come up with crazy ideas and their thought processes. My first love was all about arts but was never really good at it so I moved on to something else but lucky it was still on the creative side of things. Maybe my artistic point of view comes in a different form and medium and that is photography.

I had a great opportunity to photograph one of the most respected artists both in Australia and Overseas, Greg Bridges. I'm an old soul when it comes to photography and always dreamt of photographing someone as how portraitists photographs their subjects 30 or 50 years ago. The process of immersing oneself to the other and allowing to get in to someone's life and capture a snippet of themselves of who they are in a very deconstructive way. This image makes me fall inlove again and again with photography. Very relaxed, casual and unguarded moments.

Being able to break through someone's wall is always a challenge. Glad I was able to connect to Greg and capture his most casual moments. I think this is one of my favourite portrait photo by far. Just loved it!

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