Based in Sydney, John Fick is a highly-sought photographer and graphic designer The author of the book "Lighting for Studio Photography DECODED" and soon be releasing his second and third book, "The Rules of Engagement - Techniques and methods in bringing out the best in your subject" and "Wedding Photography DECODED.

From the man on the street to music celebrities and fashion, John has been commissioned for work in Australia and overseas. With a graphic design and photography career spanning for 20 years, his photographs combine art and technology with emotion and substance.

And yet beyond his concept-driven designs is a man grounded in relationships – with his canvas, his medium…and you. Not just relying on his sheer talent and technique, John has the uncanny ability to listen to his clients, make them feel at ease and translate their ideas and inspirations into powerful and unforgettable images.

John offers more than just a comprehensive service. He seeks to represent an ideal – your ideal – with innovation and integrity. And with this, he believes there will always be room for growth, but relishes the idea that on a clean slate lies the potential to create something new.

Born and raised in the Philippines, John has now adopted Australia as his home. A born artist, his vision is strengthened by his openness to embrace the beauty of diverse cultures and styles.

Uniquely creative. Creatively unique. John truly captures the essence of daringly original images…the art of photography.


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